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Fixing All The Things the Mechanic Broke Mk4 Jetta

Fixing All The Things the Mechanic Broke Mk4 Jetta

Fixing All The Things the Mechanic Broke Mk4 Jetta

YET AGAIN we continue to discover and fix MORE ISSUES after I let another mechanic worked on my Mk4 Jetta. How bad could it possible be?

I hope this gives you something to amuse you for a little while. Why not check out some of my other videos while you’ve got some idle time on your hands?

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Not even Ratarossa, Scotty Kilmer, The Car Wizard, Johnny the Car Ninja, Hoovie or Tavarish would dare tackle the insanity of resurrecting and modifying a 206,000 mile Corrado VR6 at the same time as a vintage Fiat Spider and maintaining a 230,000 mile 1.8t Jetta while tooling around in a 166,000 mile Mk4 R32 daily driver!! But I’m a special kind of crazy.

If you have an .:R32, Corrado, Fiat, Alfa, or some other weird quirky car that is a challenge to keep on the road, please share in the comments! If you’ve got a Sequoia, have pity on the other car owners whose vehicles will not outlast the rest of civilization as we know it.

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